We strongly believe that the voices of informal caregivers and care recipients should be heard.

That's why The ENTWINE Survey on Informal Care looks to understand the experiences of informal caregivers and people receiving care - especially in relation to the psychological, relational, cultural and socio-economic aspects of informal caregiving across Europe.

The findings from this survey will help to increase our understanding of the positive and negative aspects of informal care. This understanding will enable methods of caregiver support to be identified that may help policymakers to develop effective support services for informal caregivers.

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How can I participate?

The survey is closed in all countries except for Germany and Israel. We would like to thank you for your interest

What will I be asked to do?

Participation in the study involves completion of two questionnaire surveys completed six months apart, each of which takes 40-60 minutes to complete. It also includes the completion of brief (10-15 minute) weekly questionnaires in the intervening 6 months. These questionnaires address personal, social, and lifestyle factors relevant to your caregiving or care receiving over this period of time.

You can fill in the survey using your laptop/desktop, smartphone or tablet.

If you wish, you can also invite the person you provide care for or the person who receives care from you to take part in the study.